Fostering Training, Rewarding Excellence

The Global Recruiter Awards recognise the achievements of the innovators, the high flyers, the persistent performers and the dedicated professionals in the industry, those that disrupt, develop and shape what is to come in the recruitment sector through their outstanding work.

Excellence is achieved by training, the backbone of progress. Centralus is proudly sponsoring the In-House Training Award at The Global Recruiter Awards on the 29th of June in London.

The nominees for the Best In-House Training Award are:

Amoria Bond

Energize Recruitment Solutions

Reuben Sinclair

SEC Recruitment

Serocor Group

Congratulations to all on their nominations!

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We take pride in shaping the future of employment, and this award reflects part of the workplace of tomorrow – where people stay engaged, motivated, self-driven and eager to excel, to evolve, to upgrade their skills, unlock their potential, leading their organisations to excellence.

Competition is fierce and agencies that invest in training not only adapt to the increasingly demanding market, but also carve out the talent-driven future.

Centralus’ own in-house training has established our organisation’s responses to the challenges our customers face. Our consultancy expertise is attuned to their needs, designed to launch growth by removing employment burdens and by providing the tools and services that curtail trouble and boost profit for agencies.

We offer the tools and perks that guarantee that agencies joining us are free of administrative and legislative tasks, and their people stay engaged, motivated and creative.

The In-House Training Award embodies the spirit of learning and excellence we cherish. Our sponsorship is an expression of our vision for the future of our industry and how we honour those who share this vision. The future of employment is here!